Tilting at windmills: Heroines who top?

Published February 14, 2014 by Shannon

I just got a DM from a reader who wanted my romance expertise. (Ha!) She’s looking for books where the heroine is the one who tops, or at least is the sexual aggressor. I still stand by my Kit Rocha rec, because their characters totally run the gamut of sexual positions and methods, but my Reader’s Advisory brain is failing to engage. I do know that sex as something that’s being done *to* a woman is kind of a pervasive cultural narrative, and it would be good to see less of it.

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  • Here’s a list I started long ago for fem dom. I make no claims about anything other these were the books in the list. Joey Hill’s Natural Law (book 2) is very very highly spoken of.

    The Nature of Desire series by Joey W. Hill
    The Switch by Diane Whiteside
    Unbound by Cara McKenna
    On His Knees by Beth Williamson
    Determinata by Megan Hart
    Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin
    Power Play by Charlotte Stein
    Cruel to be Kind by Stephanie Vaughan

    Joey Hill’s interview on The Power of the Male Submissive

    Plus Two Lips interview

  • Hey, Shannon,

    I also have listings for virginal hero (around 100 titles) and beta male (a little under 200). I haven’t culled the lists for accuracy yet as it’s still a work in progress without solid category definitions, but some of them might also fall into the category of what the reader is looking for. I could also filter the lists down further if the reader is looking for something specific or get give more details on what they consider sexual aggressor to mean. I’d like to say I track that but that category is very subjective, especially if you are tracked books you haven’t read.

    Anyway, let me know. It would be fun to run some queries.

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