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Flight into Fantasy is my book review blog. It originated in 2008, and was revamped into its current incarnation in July, 2012. I primarily review romance, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult books, with a smattering of other fiction and nonfiction thrown in for fun.

I am not an industry professional. I am an unemployed single woman living in the midwest, slowly moving toward spinsterhood. All I need is a cat. I have a Bachelor’s in social welfare, which I’m hoping to parley into a job that will pay actual money.

My taste in books is varied, but I am usually drawn to books with happy endings, strong characters I can root for, and good writing. Admittedly, I am also drawn to books with silly or campy premises, if only because watching train wrecks is fun.

In addition to this blog, I am also the cohost of Book Hoarders Anonymous, a monthly podcast in which we discuss book news and analyze a book.

Lastly, I’m totally blind. My disability is simply a part of who I am. I neither shy away from it as part of my identity nor do I think that’s the whole of who I am. However, it does mean that if something looks wonky on the site or I misspelled a character’s name, I would prefer to know about it. In the latter case, the fault is usually that I’m using text to speech to listen to the books I read, and may not catch the finer spelling distinctions.

Most of my books come from Bookshare, a website where print-disabled people can have access to thousands of titles, many of which are published by major publishers. I also have a Kindle keyboard, so often buy books in Kindle format as well. In addition, I have a membership to Audible, where I would fritter away all my money if I could.

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